Florian Milz Portrait

In 2016 I took over the position of Technical Officer at filmequipment rental DigiRental Wien and am also responsible for their purchasing department.

From all the experience and knowledge I earned over the years from working as a rental technician I created a digital knowledge base, which comprises of databases for cine cameras and lenses and tools for cinematographers and camera assistants. The knowledge base collects this large amount of data and displays it easily accessible.

I still offer my services as camera assistant, camera operator or Digital Imaging Technician for film- and videoproductions wherein i have experience since 2010.

I possess specialized english and german linguistic proficiency and acquired my Bachelor in Digital Filmmaking in 2013. I possess professional knowledge of digital HD, 2K and 4K+ workflows in commercial, short film and music video environments.

Erste Bank Sparkasse - #glaubandich
Universum - Seefeld
Vöslauer - Flow
Weltbühne. Magic Moments im Musikverein Wien mit Harriet Krijgh
Kalb - A Film by Franz Maria Quitt
Neuroth - TV Spot 2015
LH JOE Cine Spot 2015
Eisenherz - A short film by Domenik Pockberger & Franz Maria Quitt
VBW - Mozart Teaser
KiloCoach™ TV Spot 2015
Calling it Life