is a filmmaker and creative professional with very well-developed technical skills and knowledge in digital film production. He is currently available for hire as a freelance camera operator and camera assistant for commercial and documentary productions.

He currently works as Gear Manager at digital cinema tech magazine CineD.

Until April 2020 he was employed as Technical Officer at filmequipment rental DigiRental Wien where he also acted as a supplemental Supervisor for Rental Operations.

A portrait of Florian Milz

During his work as a rental technician he has created a digital Knowledge Base, which contains detailed information about various professional cameras and lenses. The Knowledge Base lets you compare and combine many data points and offers various easy-to-use tools for cinematographers, camera assistants and other industry professionals.

As part of cinema5D's rebranding to CineD and the website re-design in 2020, Florian has become part of the CineD team and his Knowledge Base will be integrated into CineD's website in 2021.

Florian has experience as camera operator, camera assistant and DIT in commercial, documentary and short film environments and has obtained his Bachelor in Digital Filmmaking from SAE Technology Institute in 2013.

Outside of the film business he is a passionate photographer and a graphic and web designer with an avid eye on the future of things.