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  • During his time as a rental technician, Florian created a digital camera and lens Knowledge Base, which contained in-depth information about professional camera and lens data and compatibility.

    The Knowledge Base has been upgraded into the CineD Databases in 2022 with expanded functionality and improved usability.

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    Keep reading to learn about the history behind the original Knowledge Base and the transition to the new CineD Databases in the paragraphs below.

    Camera Database

    This is how it all started. Initially this tool was called the "Ultimate Camera Database" (UCDB) and it contained all possible recording modes, recording formats, and how long you can record onto a single memory card. This website answered questions that would be asked on an hourly basis in the camera rental Florian worked at. The website served as an online helper for the rental staff and it was way more convenient than searching through multiple spreadsheets.

    Screenshot of the CineD Camera Database

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    With the new Camera Database you can still look up all the recording modes, recording formats and recording times. In addition you can now also compare your favorite camera and see how well it performs according to CineD's standardized lab tests for Dynamic Range and Rolling Shutter.

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    Lens Database

    Soon after the "Ultimate Camera Database", the next project was to collect technical data of the available lenses that the camera rental had to offer. Often times rental staff had to look up the front diameter of lenses to include the correct matte box clamp adapter, or the filter thread of photo lenses so the correct ND filter size can be booked. Lens weight and size was important to know when customers wanted to put a camera package on gimbals. All of this data would end up in lens tables that would also be published on the Knowledge Base.

    Screenshot of the CineD Lens Database

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    The new Lens Database has grown a lot in size, includes buying links and helps make your camera prep easier and more efficient. This Database includes modern and vintage Spherical and Anamorphic Cine Zoom and Prime Lenses, as well as Photo Zoom and Prime Lenses.

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    Lens Coverage Tool

    The Lens Coverage Tool is the tool that put the Knowledge Base on the radar of many manufacturers, production companies and freelancers. This tool lets you choose a camera and recording mode and combine it with a lens of your choice. The result is a graphical representation of the lens image circle, overlaid on top of the camera recoding mode dimensions. This quickly shows you if you can use this camera and lens pairing and what effect, using an extender or speed booster will have.

    Screenshot of the CineD Lens Coverage Tool

    Click on image to see old and new layout

    The CineD Databases are all interlinked with the new Lens Coverage Tool so you can easily get there from inside the Camera Database and the Lens Database. You also get more information on where you can buy the gear and more in-depth information like Field of View when using a focal extender or reducer.

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